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 My Web Text is out to Make Browsers Fall for You

B2B and, or B2C, It is a given. Either way, to stand out on the Web you need text that is bent to do that. That is all I offer you. Text that jumps out at you online.
My plan is simple. Sell in the way people think when they look to buy. Yes, you can. You have an excellent product. Right? Now, stay clear of text that sells based on your take of a product. It gets better when you  think like the shopper might.

Making Shoppers Fall for You - 
Get in the mind of the shopper
This is what you really need to do.  Switch to web copy that looks at your product through the eye of the buyer or that of the taster.  And this is my mission. To create for you copy that promotes your product a sounder way. That is from the view of the shopper. 

Think Like the Shopper Build on You Know How.

Whether B2B or B2C, I build on, one: Your knowledge of the people you want to sell to. Two: Your take on those who already buy from you. Then, as your copywriter, I pretend to be, and think as a shopper might. I consult with you. I raise concerns about a product. We search for niggles and agree on responses. At the same time, we sift out the best promotion options. The rest is up to me. So, I then I write, right.

Content that Rounds Things Up
This gives you an idea as to how I work to create smart copy that stands out, and clicks with the browser.  What is more every time I write, I work to round things up for you. Just another way to ensure that once on your site, browsers stay long enough to react. (Could be a lead or a sale.)

Honours and Certification

Certification: SEO Copywriting - Yoast Certified. Social Media Writing - University of California, Berkeley, Verified. Honours: MBE (Member of the British Empire). MTOM (Montserrat Territorial Order of Merit).

Some Companies

         I Profiled**            
 Jacuzzi Europe      Flextronics Automotive
 • Loris Bellini SPA  •  San Engineering
 •  Marrsk Line   •    North Aegean Sea Canneries   Created for and published by:  Proactive Publications Ltd – Multimedia and Marketing Solutions  "    


Media Experience

When I moved away from fulltime media, I thought, freelancing. The Web seemed a perfect choice. But I still had to get a hang of, one: Writing SEO copy and, two: Writing for social media. I did.
I started as a broadcaster and journalist. Then, I worked my way through the ranks, from presenter, to programme producer, head of news and current affairs, and up to manager.
I held on to that until I switched to public relations as a PR manager. Further, I also had periods as a freelance journalist for news agencies. Then there was a time too when I worked as a manager of advertising. 

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Welcome Home Magazine: As a freelance, You worked with my very tight and demanding time line, and presented very good work to me. Thank you very much for all your help. I write for concerns in Information Technology, the service industry, manufacturing, retail, and real estate, as well as a range of other outfits. 
Jayde Saffron Trading: I am very happy  with the work done by William.   
Media Art: William did a great job rewriting our products descriptions on the  website. He was both creative and skilled in copy writing. His reaction was fast and accurate on every comment we've made. 
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A Writer's Quotes
You don't write because you want to say something 
You write because you have something to say   
                                              F Scott Fitzgerald

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