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Web Copy that Speaks to a Run Audiences

Do you know you can slash bounce (from your site) rate with copy that speaks?  Why? Copy that speaks to the audience strikes a sweeter chord. In my case, writing for the Web, overtime, I built up the art of turning ideas into words. Words that speak. In the language, tone, and style of a range of audiences.

Getting You in the Mix With the Best

You talk up. I write up. I draw customers’ attention.  As if in a conversation with you, I talk about what's in your product that puts it in the mix with the best. Then, just to be sure yours ranks high; I sometimes check out the USPs and SEO of the competition. Most times, I find it the right thing to do.  

Let us Make Your Products Talk

To do this, I bank on my experience. It  helps me to help you, to roll facts in to engaging pieces. That way, I am able tell what, how and why,' what you do, or sell ranks with the best.  More than that, I bear out how it meets customers’ needs. I often do, and want to do for you.

Team up with a Practised Pen

I have finished a life span as a broadcaster, journalist, and PR manager. As a freelance, now write for the Web.

You want Web copy, that connects with your audience. Yes? Then, bank on a top writer,(that I have no doubt I am) to work with you. To talk about your solutions to customers' needs, in a style and tone that is uniquely theirs. That I can do too. Then, let us team up. Let us make your site a  gateway for leads and sales. Get in touch.


Are You Ready for Copy that Speaks to your Audience?

Meet a Top Writer

One who is ready to help you to do that...
As such. build my confidence on years of  experience.
In the first place. I spent  years in the media. As a broadcaster and  journalist. 

Then, for a long time, apart from my workaday, I worked as a freelance journalist. That is when I covered for news agencies. They included REUTERS, AP, CANA, and VOA. I also spent a long period in public relations

Latterly, I completed training in social media writing. (Berkeley) and SEO(Yoast) Now as a freelance, I write for the Web. These days my reviews  do most of the talking.


 Prices to Suite You

What does this mean? Simple! The price you pay is between you and me. One other thing :Love your price?  If you can. Keep it between us for as long you can.   

Getting on with the Job
 1 l see and observe submitted information 
 2. Interpret 
 3. Research 
 4Apply steps one and two to create an outline 
    5  If necessary I check it out  with you       
 6  Write and complete the copy.      .            

Come to Me for...

• Web copy     • Web content 
 (Write • Update)
• SEO      
• Business profiles
• Personal statements      
• News
• Articles   
• e-Newsletters 


Welcome Home Magazine: 

As a freelance, You worked with my very tight and demanding time line, and presented very   good work to me. Thank you very much for all your help. I write for 
concerns in Information Technology, the service industry, manufacturing, retail, and real estate, as well as a range of other outfits.

Jayde Saffron Trading:

I am very happy  with the work done by William

Media Art:

William did a great job rewriting our products descriptions on the  website. He was both creative and skilled in copy writing. His reaction was fast and accurate on every comment we've made.  More Reviews

Some Companies

         I Profiled**            
Jacuzzi Europe
Flextronics Automotive
Loris Bellini SPA
San Engineering
  Marrsk Line
North Aegean Sea Canneries   

(**Created for, and published in 'Inside Industry) 


A Writer's Quote
You don't write because you want to say something You write because you have something to say                   
F Scott Fitzgerald

Working for - Small to Med  •    Local   •   Solo Businesses     •     Website Developers 

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