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Thank you for dropping by: Straightway, I write copy that speaks. What this means for you? It's written to read as you speak. Put another way, you are more likely to come across as you would, talking head-to-head; for instance, with me.  I tell you more, if it sounds and reads like a conversation; it is copy that speaks. That is what makes it quality copy. Right? 

Copy that speaks attracts links and builds trust. That makes it good for business. I write copy that speaks. I am skilled in SEO and Social Media writing. On top of that I bring with me a wealth of experience in public relations and advertising. And there are times when I draw too. on my years as a broadcaster and journalist. What’s more I am at your service.

There is Might in Teamwork

I sense you will accept there is strength in teamwork.  Right?  So how do you feel about you, and me teaming up for your next project?

It is like this. With my writing experience and your knowledge of all that you do; I dare say together, we stand to be hard to beat. That is with copy that speaks from your heart to the heart of the audience. What say you? I say teamwork. Please feel free to:  Get in touch.

Web Copy  - SEO

I aim to write to attract attention. To  Inspire your      audience. Drive home your essential selling points. And help you to rank high in the the mix with your competition
Web content - SEO
I strive to engage the audience with selective information  that focusses on creating an appreciation for your products and or service. And I write in the style, voice, and tone of your audience.

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Website Content at a Price to Suit You

What does this mean? 

Simple: The price you pay is between you and me. 

Always Specify 

  Web Copy  or Web Content  

Copy is to:

          • Drive Sales & or Leads

   • Attract & Prompt

   • Build on Emotion

Content is to:

   • Engage (The Reader)

 • Create Awareness

  • Inform & Educate  


More Companies I have Profiled*

• Vaasan Group         • Bookwell Ltd
 • Friendly Enzymes  • Ninz Spa     
• Aslan Cemento
       • Ninz Spa                
  • San Engineering
     • Harmonic Drive AG
       • Pendesen Logistikks 

(*Created for and published in 'Inside Industry ) 

A writer's quote

Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you. Figure out what you have to say. It's the one and only thing you have to offer. 

Barbara Kingsolver



Working for:  • Small to Med   • Local Trades   

• Solo Businesses  • Website Developers 

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