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Whatever you are into, B2B, B2C or Tech, my goal is the same as yours. And yours must be to fix up your site with copy that attracts customers. Here is an idea how we do that. You band with me and we create your message in a language they understand. 
You also need to decide on an element of my service options, which is best for you. Check out the choices I offer here. Then choose the route you want to follow. 
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All the while, you may want to call to mind that there are customers looking for your site. Remember too that you are looking for persuasive messages. I am here to help. If you are ready, message me
Web content - SEO

If you let me; as your content writer, I will be ready when you are, to tell all the world your story. All about your business and products.

For instance, on products, your content will tell all about use, features, benefits. value, and  more... 

SEO Web Copy  

Whether you are into B2B or B2C, I create copy to take your business and all that you do to browsers on your site. The goal is to produce leads or sales, as well as stir up goodwill. With your help, I focus on spreading information that attracts and sustains interest.
Business Profiles

A business profile is the surest way to set out how your company came to be. What it does and what it stands for. Here is what I also do. I draw attention to your mission, and vision. Highlight your values and your goals. How you achieve them, keep them, and more…

Email - It pays

Email is an effective promotion tool. And it is still as strong as ever. You can use it to promote new products and unique offers. It also makes it easier for you to respond with solutions to issues raised by a customer. There is more to it. But how about this? I can create yours. And with your help keep it up to date. You will find that from upsell to content and advertorial emails, it pays to use Emails to promote your business.

Product Descriptions
Whether B2B or B2C, as a business you have one thing in common. You exchange goods for money. As such, it pays for you to supply all a buyer wants to know about a product. Look at this. When I create copy to describe a given product; I start with the all-important information you have about the quality of that product. Then, I go on to report on its benefits, functions, use, and there is more.
Articles  <<        
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Articles and Blogs fall in the same group. But whether it is an article or a blog, I build yours as a marketing tool. Here with your help, I can create content that shares a mix of first-hand experiences and observations. Whatever you chose, the goal is the same. To draw attention to issues related to your business, or a given product, and more.
  Email Newsletters      
There is no limit as to what you can achieve with an Email Newsletter. It is a quick and effortless way to update your products, your business, offer how - to tips and the like. Whether you opt for, a weekly, monthly, or quarterly issue; I can design and write it for you. 


Services to Christian organisations and charities are overlaid in all of the above. 
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1. Yoast SEO Academy: Certificate in SEO Copy            Copywriting.

2. The University of California, Berkeley: BUSi3x                 Certificate in Writing for social media

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1.Medal - Member of the British Empire (MBE)                (Broadcasting)

2. Medal - Montserrat Territorial Order of Merit (MTOM)       (Broadcasting, Information and Public              Relations)

More Companies I have Profiled*

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   • Friendly Enzymes  • Ninz Spa   • Aslan Cemento
    • Ninz Spa  • San Engineering • Harmonic Drive AG
 • Pendesen Logistikks 

*Created for and published by:  Proactive Publications Ltd – Multimedia and Marketing Solutions 

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