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My Trek to Freelance

Now my title is 'Retired.' That said. I started as and worked for a long time as a broadcaster and journalist. In the back end of my career, I trained in and switched to public relations. Here, I worked as PR manager with stints across the private as well as the public sector. I also filled a job as an advertising representative. Then, apart from my work-a-day, I freelanced with the likes of REUTERS, AP, CANA, and VOA.

I Write for a Run of Audiences

It was during my stints in public relations that I took to writing for a wide variety of audiences.

This helped me to master the art of writing copy that speaks. In a mixture of styles and tones. Then as a writer, to deal with simple as well as complex tasks.

I Am  Like a Client-Server.

I am client driven. I believe that great copy is alike to supplying good service. As a freelance, my goal is firstly, to write copy that connects with the audience. Secondly, copy that is SEO friendly. Thirdly, copy that prompts. More than these I strive to supercharge your site, so it ranks high.  

A Writer of Web Copy that Speaks to a range of Readers...

I focus on writing:

  •    SEO Website Copy
  •    Website Content
  •    News & Newsletters
  •    Articles
  •    Business Profiles
  •    Personal Statements                                                                                                                                            
I feel good Web copy is as important to you as it is to me.  Hence, this is  my number one desire. To write copy that speaks in the  style and tone of your customers.  One other thing. I stick with all the elements that make for great copy. Like an issue your product solves, a need it satisfies, what makes it right or better, and so on …   


Some of my awards are for my work as a broadcaster and journalist. They include 
Member of the British Empire, MBE and MTOM, Montserrat Territorial Order of Merit.


Yemmy: Article Writing

Thank for your quick turn around on the writing. 

Synermedica: Web Copy

Highly professional work. Great communicator. Very accurate and deadline sensitive 

A.K: Statement of purpose:

Many thanks for all your help I really appreciate it. The statement of purpose looks great.

Writer’s Quote

You don’t write because you want to say something. You write because you have something to say.

F. ScottFitzgerald

      Working for:  • Small to Medium Businesses • Local Traders  

•  Solo Businesses  • Website Developers


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