Bent to Create Quality Web Text

A Nifty Web Copywriter with a Grasp for S E O 

I am a freelance writer. Now, I create copy mostly for B2B and B2C. But what do you want in your copy and content writer? Could it be that you look for a nifty writer with all round writing ability. Or might it also be a writer with a keen eye for detail and a grasp of SEO practice? 
These could add up to a first-rate job. But you must know there is more to it. How about we look at them now, if you are free?   
As for me, when I write, I switch in to my do not disturb mode. Why? It helps me to focus more on what you do and on your target audience. And that goes for, whether it be SEO content, an article, business profile, marketing Email, a newsletter or product descriptions                                                                                 

Quick to Understand Your Needs

I am quick to grasp a client’s needs. How can I be so sure? Years of practice as a broadcaster and journalist. Then again as a public relations manager, and in advertising. And as you will see I still do my all to give and delight.
I write content to help your site to draw traffic.
 Imagine the power of text that tells all there is to know about your business. And about you product, all about its use, and benefits. And in consumer language. 
That is all I am here to do for you. And because I am client centric, I set out to please. Create the web content you need, and count your gain, as my success.

 My Story in a Nutshell

I started as a broadcaster, and journalist. I worked my way from the bottom to the top. From a presenter to producer, to head of news, and then to station manager.  As a journalist, I also ghost edited a weekly. At the same time, I freelanced for international and regional news agencies. 

A Time in PR & Advertising

It was late in my career when I switched to public relations. I worked as PR manager. I had stints in the private as well as the public sector. Further on, I seized on another twist. I took on a role as a manager of advertising . 

Online Writing 


1.   Yoast SEO Academy: Certificate in SEO Copywriting  

2.    The University of California, Berkeley: BUSi3x               Certificate in Writing for social media

Notable AWARDS

1.Medal - Member of the British Empire (MBE)                                   (Broadcasting)

2. Medal - Montserrat Territorial Order of Merit (MTOM) (Broadcasting, Information and Public Relations)


Yemmy: Article Writing

Thank for your quick turn around on the writing.

Synermedica: Web Copy

Highly professional work. Great communicator. Very accurate and deadline sensitive

A.K: Statement of purpose:

Many thanks for all your help I really appreciate it. The statement of purpose looks great.

Writer’s Quote

You don’t write because you want to say something. You write because you have something to say.

F. ScottFitzgerald

Working for:  Start-ups  •  B2B • B2C • Charities • Self   • Sole Trader